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Underverse / Ashley Wood, CHN (Pre-Orders)

UNDERVERSE (UV) is a design driven multi-media entertainment company based in Hong Kong (China). Under the direction of Ashley Wood, UV is not just a brand that will focus on the world of collectibles, it will also branch into the realms of animation, video-games, publishing, and couture fashion. 

UNDERVERSE is co-founded by Ashley Wood and the creative & dynamic design team behind 3A’s ground breaking collectibles: Siuyin, Gregory Prout, and Jacky Chu; along with some new and old friends!

UNDERVERSE is the new home for collectibles and media based on Ashley Wood and 7174’s original IP including World War Robot, Tomorrow Kings, Popbot, Adventure Kartel. Fans will be able to look forward to new concepts, compelling characters, and stories with Modern Girls, They Were Meant To Die, and more!

With an emphasis on strong visuals and dynamic design, licensing partnerships with UV are all well curated and balanced between the the world’s most well known and beloved series, to the more underground and subversive. UV prides itself on its diverse and eclectic taste in IP from across the globe.

Ashley Wood
Kenji Xiao
Lucy L
Gregory Prout
Jacky Chu