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DC Samurai Series : Batman Family 1:6 Diorama Statue (ES : 270) {Full Payment Version}
XM Studios, SIN

DC Samurai Series : Batman Family 1:6 Diorama Statue (ES : 270) {Full Payment Version}

Rs. 339,000.00 Rs. 369,000.00

Total Allocation for India : 2.

Pre-Order Ends : 3rd July, 2024.

XM Studios is excited to present the next statue from our unique Batman Samurai Line, the Batman Family Diorama in 1/6 scale!

This line is a creative collaboration between Warner Bros. Discovery Consumer Products and XM Studios to showcase the Batman universe in exciting new settings. Each highly detailed statue is painstakingly handcrafted and expertly hand-painted with XM’s famous quality finish. XM will also be announcing a limited release Founder’s Edition of this statue very soon. Stay tuned for more details!

It features members of the Batman Family standing amidst broken temple ruins, prepped and ready to march into battle against mighty adversaries. At the centre of the statue is none other than Batman himself, in a commanding pose, directing the next course of action. Each character featured in this 1/6 scale diorama is meticulously detailed, matching the level of thought and craftsmanship that collectors have grown to adore in the 1/4 scale Batman Samurai Line.

Collectors will receive 2 versions of Batman, with each version lending a slightly different tone to the overall look of the diorama. The first version features Batman in his original Samurai armour, as he unsheathes the katana in front of him in preparation for battle. The second version features Batman in his Shogun armour, lending him a more seasoned look as he sits calmly despite the upcoming battle – a resolute master in control of all scenarios.

There are head switch-outs for all 7 characters in this diorama. Other than Batman, each character’s head switch-out option includes 1 modern look and 1 Japanese-inspired look. As Batman has 2 body sculpts, collectors will have 4 heads in total. In addition, collectors will also receive a separate base to display the alternative body sculpt.

For collectors who missed the Batman Samurai series, this is your chance to secure this masterpiece that cements itself firmly in the Batman Samurai Series.

Features :

  • Highly detailed sculpt featuring the Batman Family in a battle-ready pose
  • Two (2) body sculpts of Batman: 1 in Samurai armour and 1 in Shogun armour
  • Sixteen (16) head sculpts: 4 for Batman and 2 for every other character
  • Each handcrafted statue is individually hand-painted and with high-quality finish

Product Size: 51.7*60.9*67.2cm (with standing Batman Switch-out)

  • Est. Box Size: 
  • Box A: 55*42*50cm
  • Box B: 75*70*55cm

Est. Product Weight: 20kg

  • Est. Shipping Weight: 
  • Box A: 10kg
  • Box B: 18Kg

Manufactured by : XM Studios
Note : Prototype shown and pending final approval, final product may differ.



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